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Leading the smart-government revolution

Turnkey cloud solutions for local governments & software vendors

Local Government Cloud Solutions

Disaster Recovery

From no DR, to pilot light or warm-standby in record time on AWS.

Cloud Legislative Engagement

Agile engagement of government officers. Communicate & report success in short feedback loops.

Cloud Migration

Migrate local government data centers to the cloud.
Migrate vendor applications to the cloud. We work with local government ISVs.

Public Sector Software Vendor Solutions

Cloud-native Conversion

Lack of cloud-native design stifling growth?

Cloud Compliance & Security Risk Assessment

SOC, PCI, ISO, FedRAMP, DoD CC SRG, HIPAA BAA, IRAP, MTCSC, C5, K-ISMS, ENS High compliance & security assessments on your cloud solutions.

Collaborative Cloud Contracting

Non-cloud native product? Partner & deliver cloud native solutions to your local government client.

Mu Nirvana

Lower technology cost.
Increase quality.
Create good vibes.

Serving local governments globally.

Based in beautiful Asheville North Carolina.