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Local Government Solutions

Disaster Recovery using AWS

Non-disruption of key operations is a human right for citizens of local governments.

TCO Reduction

Using lightweight cloud compute and storage on AWS, we minimize cost, and execute your DR scope.

Minimal RPO and RTO

We leverage continuous data protection solutions, enabling sub-second Recovery Point Objective (RPO) times. Our DR-orchestration code architecture enables sub-five-minute Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Mu Nirvana DR Architecture

AWS Rout53 with health-check based routing to AWS and on-premise resources. AWS Database Migration Services to continuously replicate data from source to destination. 

Legislative Engagement on Cloud Computing

What is the legislature paying for? Engage government officers in key forums. Communicate & report success.

Agile for local governments

Agile software development works in the private sector. Our process adapts agile with the introduction of product council role. For example, where a CTO is a product owner, city council is the product council. We thrive at collaborating with city councils and other product councils in local governments worldwide. 

Economic Impact Reports

Our cloud computing training program is µHireLocal™. Our commitment with µHireLocal™: use local citizens as cloud computing personnel within 2 years. We grow skilled labor force for local governments with µTraining. We attract new tech businesses to your region. We grow local GDP. We measure & report these metrics during the lifespan of the master service agreement.  

Increase future funding

Over 36% of local government revenue comes from intergovernmental transfers. At nearly 30%, property taxes make up the 2nd largest revenue slice. We help city governments fund technology modernization with intergovernmental transfers. How? Two-thirds of state transfers to local governments are for education programs. With µHireLocal™ cloud computing training programs, we grow the slice of intergovernmental transfers and create local tech talent. 

Network Cloud Migration

Design, encode, secure AWS VPCs.


High availability multi-AZ (availability zone) design for production. With cheaper single-AZ for development. One codebase with configuration for dev, test, stage, and production infrastructure. 


Terraform or CloudFormation? Deploying concurrently to on-premise VMs and AWS? We use Terraform if both. If AWS-only,  we use CloudFormation. A CloudFormation template per VPC. With CloudFormation Stack Sets for multi-account multi-VPCs.

Secure VPC

Secure CloudFormation template, drift detection, CloudTrail monitoring, with IDS/IPS. 

Application Cloud Migration

Cloud migration of local government vendor systems. Featured ISVs we cloud enable.

Public sector asset management
SaaS solution for state and local governments
ERP solution for government agencies

Asheville's Historical Governance

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville North Carolina was an opulent self-sustaining entity in the late 1800’s. 

Present day, it’s one of our nation’s treasured attractions. 

Local governments thinking outside-the-box thrive.

Serving local governments globally.

Based in beautiful Asheville North Carolina.